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06/21/2002 Entry: "Return to Paris"

Well since the last update we have been pretty busy, starting with a TGV trip from Bordeaux to Paris (over 800 km in 3 hours!). We went for a walk down the Champs Elysées to the Arc de Triomphe, then out to dinner to the loft (I couldn't stand up) of a tiny little place full of locals. After dinner we walked to the Eiffel Tower to hang out beneath its base and marvel at all the people still cheering for Turkey's World Cup victory over Japan. Click on the "more" link to read the rest of this post.

The next day we took the train out of the city to visit the chateau and grounds at Versailles. Standout moments include visiting the hall of mirrors, in which the Treaty of Versailles (to end WWI) was signed. Back in Paris, we bought a take out pizza and took it to the Luxembourg Gardens (which we visited in the winter 5 1/2 years ago) for a picnic dinner, after which we walked through the Latin Quarter to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, where we discovered a gang of punks setting up a ramp and slalom course to outdo each other on their in-line skates. We walked from there to another groups of punks staging a breakdancing showdown in a nearby square; soon broken up by the police.
Yesterday started with a visit to the Rodin Museum and gardens, after which we took a bus to Beauvais. In Beauvais we visited their St. Peter's Cathedral, which features the highest gothic arches in the world - it has collapsed twice!
This morning we got on our Ryanair flight from Beauvais to Dublin - we were very disappointed with it. They were late, the whole system was chaotic, and we were seated behind a crazy/drunk woman. Oh well. In Dublin we picked up our car, stopped in Killdare to have lunch (caught the end of the Germany-USA match and the replay of Germany's hand-ball save!), and continued to Limerick, where we have checked in to a B&B for the night. We are now off for my first taste of non-imported Guiness, and tomorrow morning we will hit the road for the Dingle Peninsula.

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Ah, we have a new pattern developing;
wine, wine, port, port, wine, wine, GUINESS! It will be nice to see you home in a few days. Take care of yourselves and continue to be safe. Enjoy your last few days.
Love, John Dad and Anne Mom

Posted by John and Anne @ 06/23/2002 09:29 AM EST

Hi Nathan & Jennifer:
Sounds like you are still well and having a great time. The TGV must be exciting (300 km/hr!) and I'm glad you are heading for the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland-- your last country before HOME!
Take it easy on the Guiness. You are drinking the REAL stuff. Just think of all the stories you will have to tell at the Angel Inn! Everything is well here. Matthew is off to a wedding tomorrow with Krissy Reddekop ( Missy Nickel and John Voogt) and the weather says thunder storms for Saturday-- I hope not. Dad and I are heading to the Finger Lakes on a Porsche Fun Run with a group of 15 cars from Canada tomorrow morning. Back Sunday night. Take good care of yourselves, and see you in ONLY 7 DAYS! Lots of love from the Queenston Scotts. Miss you both ---MOMOMOMOM

Posted by Linda Scott @ 06/21/2002 07:38 PM EST

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