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06/17/2002 Entry: "The little engine that couldn't"

Hello Odyssey fans!
Since our last update we have taken the 11 hour train trip from Vigo to Bilbao - thru the beautiful mountains of northern Spain and worth every minute! We made an inspirational visit to the Guggenheim, spent a night in the incredible beach town of San Sebastian, and hopped on our train to Bordeaux. The train broke down about halfway thru the trip, which gave Jen an opportunity to make a joke about having a mechanical engineer in the house!! We checked into our room in Bordeaux and discovered a nearby gathering of local restaurants and musicians, which also includes an info booth for the gathering - currently providing my internet access! Today we made a day trip to the nearby town (and world heritage site) of St. Emilion to tour a local estate vineyard and sample some wine. On the way back to our hotel we stopped for groceries and found a store called Jennyfer which we had to check out. We weren't moved enough to buy any souvenirs, but it was a fun stop.

Tomorrow we head to Paris with no accomodations in sight! 11 days to go, and this trip will be a memory that will last the rest of our lives...

Nathan and Jennifer

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There seems to be a pattern developing here, wine, port, port, wine,wine etc. Great! Soon you will be homeward bound. School is almost over and I'm not which thrills me more, school or you two coming home.
See you soon, John

Posted by John @ 06/20/2002 09:39 PM EST

Well, the great odyssey is commencing the wind-down stages! It seems like you have been gone for a long time to us, but I'm sure it only seems like a few days to you both: except how did you cram 10,000 memories into a few days? Your heads must be spinning!!!
It sounds as if you are right on schedule for Dublin and the rest of the Emerald Isle. Have a safe voyage across (or under) the channel and give the bilarney stone a kiss for us!
All the best from boring old Canada;
Love David

Posted by david @ 06/20/2002 07:42 AM EST

Hmmm... more drinking. Glad to hear you guys are enjoying the trip one way or another!

Posted by James Schellenberg @ 06/19/2002 09:10 AM EST

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