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06/09/2002 Entry: "Rain, rain, go away..."

Tomorrow marks a week since we rented our manouverable little car in the south of Portugal (which means we return the car first thing in the morning), and what a week it has been! We have had a lot of damp weather, but the countryside we have seen has been absolutely phenomenal!! Today we drove (safely) up and down the rolling switchbacks of the Douro wine region - lots of pictures to show from that drive! On our last day in Coimbra we visited the university grounds, including their ornate library, which still houses 30 000 volumes of 17th and 18th century works. Yesterday we stopped for the evening in Villa Real, where we stumbled on a local carnival! Tonight and tomorrow night we rest our heads at Pensão Duas Nações in Porto, which will allow us to tour a few port cellars tomorrow. Judging from the samples of port wine we have been able to taste so far it´s a good thing we´re backpacking or we might try to bring a bunch of it home!


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Hey Nate and Jen

Good to read so much about your trip. You guys should be paid by some travel company to go to new places and entice more travelers. Congrats Nate on suppressing the urge to describe everything in Engineering terms, although I'm sure you've come across many interesting 'feats' (of humanity?)

World Cup fever is on in Waterloo - France got the boot in the first round - hope that doesn't affect the friendliness of the natives there...

Tonight could also be the last for the Stanley Cup playoffs this year - the Red Wings are up 3-1 on Colorado.

We'll look forward to seeing pictures when you return. Safe travels the rest of the way.

Colin (and Jennie)

Posted by Colin @ 06/13/2002 10:39 AM EST

Mmm, by the sounds of it, you guys are doing a lot of drinking on your trip!

Posted by James Schellenberg @ 06/12/2002 03:25 PM EST

Howdy-doody guys!
I should have known how on-the-ball you two would be in terms of up-dating your web-page. It looks great and is so fun to follow your trek across Europe! Sounds like you've had a really great experience so far and it's making me incredibly jealous!

Things here in the homeland are going well. Looking forward to seeing you both when you return. Dave and I will have to have you over a for an evening once you're back and settled!

Take care. Enjoy the rest of your journey.

Bottoms up!

Posted by Leanne @ 06/10/2002 01:08 PM EST

Hi Jennifer and Nathan:
Sounds like Portugal is very scenic. All is well here. We wallpapered the upstairs bathroom at the house on Saturday. Looks much cleaner and presentable. Dana is off to Chicago for a couple of days for a design show (with Lisa from Desk's Plus) You got an envelope from 72 Allen St W Waterloo--it looks like a wedding invitation. You better E-Mail them. Take care and keep healthy. Miss you lots, but see you in 3 weeks. Love--MOMOM

Posted by Mom Scott @ 06/10/2002 07:08 AM EST

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