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06/06/2002 Entry: "Hello from Coimbra!"

Jennifer and I have made it to the vertically endowed city of Coimbra for a couple of nights on our way up the Portuguese coast to Porto. On our way here we stopped in a couple of really small towns, including Nazaré, a tiny town with a beautiful beach and an amazing cliffside looming over it. Unfortunately we are having some damp and foggy weather today, but in a way the countryside just sems to look more lush and exotic. In the last little while we have taken time out for a beach day in Faro (saw some kite surfers!), enjoyed driving through a national park in the south of Portugal, sampled 10 and 20 year old port in Lisbon (looking forward to driving Portugal´s "Port Route" soon!), and generally had a great time. We have encountered a couple of reasons to think of the comforts of home, but overall we are thrilled to still be travelling.

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We check your Journal everyday and look forward to all your updates.We're having our first gorgeous weekend of the summer,and actually spent some time sitting out on the deck with our neighbours yesterday afternoon. Today and the next two days it is going to be 30 degrees.Looking forward to the 28th.Love from Mom and Dad

Posted by John and Anne @ 06/09/2002 09:39 AM EST

This is your mom checking up on you! It is 8:20 on Friday night and I am finally done with the "Munchkins" for another week. Sounds like Portugal is a great place to be. DRIVE CAREFULLY!
We will see you again in 21 days (but I'm not counting!)

Posted by Linda Scott @ 06/07/2002 08:27 PM EST

Wow, sounds great in Portugal. We have enjoyed a couple of nights learning about Port over the last few years and it is a very special although unpopular drink, at least in our circles.

Don't worry about the weather as you have lots of fine days and can see something different as the weather changes!

Stay really healthy and keep up the excellent updates!!!!


Posted by David K. @ 06/06/2002 11:13 PM EST

Thanks for the postcard! It was great to hear from you and we are enjoying the updates. Emily has exams in a week and a half and then she is finished!!! Hope you are having a great time! love, us. xoxo

Posted by Emily and Helen and Kelsey @ 06/06/2002 08:51 PM EST

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