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06/03/2002 Entry: "Safe and sound in Salema"

Hi everyone! Jennifer and I are relaxing after a fantastic dinner of sole in a little town on the southern coast of Portugal. It was a bit of a pain to get our car picked up (2 companies called Alamo in the Algarve), but it is easy to drive and will serve us well! Our plan for the coming days includes taking a port tour in the north and generally trying to stay out of the cities!!
WeŽll write again soon!

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Hi Kids:

Papa says you should drive in the Portugese cities to get the practice you 'll need for Paris driving! Dana moves into house today and Matt to folloe. Upstairs mostly done and looking pretty good. No dining table or chairs but we could give card table to eat from.
Glad you bought some extra time to spend if you need it elsewhere. Thanks for the wonderful updates!

Love David

Posted by david scott @ 06/03/2002 07:17 PM EST

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