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05/13/2002 Entry: "Hey from Italy!"

So, update number 2 from the road! We have now made it to Italy (Brindisi), and are awaiting our connection to Rome. In the last 4 days we have taken 3 ferry trips, all longer than 8 hours, we have visited the Acropolis, Agora, and Theatre of Dionysos in Athens, and we have taken a day-long driving tour of Corfu. We stayed at The Pink Palace on Corfu, which was pretty much what we expected! Before leaving Santorini we rented a scooter for the day and toured the whole northern half of the island, with time left to visit a really cool winery. We only ran out of fuel once! (400 metres downhill from a gas station!!) The weather took a total about-face for our last two days on Santorini, with sunny skies dominating the day. On Friday we hiked up the active volcano in the center of Santorini's volcano, and took a swim in the local hot springs! The towns on the island are so high above the water we had to take a cable car down to the port, and we rode donkeys (no website) back up!! A great way to say goodbye to the island. We feel very blessed to have had a great introduction to Greece and a safe yet exciting trip so far!! We look forward to keeping you up to date!

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Hi Nathan and Jennifer:

Loved your journal update! You are seeing lots of great stuff. The cable car looked spectacular. Hey--I want to ride a donkey!! Thanks for the Mother's Day card. It was just like you were here!
We miss you and love you lots. KEEP SAFE. We will look forward to your journal entries. Bye for now MOMOMOMOMOMOM

Posted by Linda Scott @ 05/13/2002 08:09 PM EST

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