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05/04/2002 Entry: "The Big Day Arrives!"

So at last the day is here. The sun is shining, the bags are packed (mostly), and the flight is confirmed. We've been able to spend some time visiting with our families in the last week, so we are all set! We are very excited to be starting our big adventure after many weeks of planning, and we look forward to keeping you updated as we go!

Nathan and Jennifer

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Hi Kids!

Hope everything is as good as you hoped.

Nathan, I had meant to mention about car rental, that it is considerably cheaper to rent it from here....like 1/2 as expensive as over there.
If you know of a date and a location and the type of car, let me make the arrangements for you if I can, as it will (usually) save big bucks!

Have a greeeeeaaat safe holiday and take in all that your little minds can hold!!!

Posted by Nathan and Jennifer @ 05/06/2002 08:32 PM EST

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