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05/29/2002 Entry: "Another day, another 10 hours of fresh air..."

Good evening from Granada! Jennifer and I arrived in this small Spanish city yesterday morning after a night train from Barcelona. We were stopped on the way out of the station by a kindly old Spanish couple seeking to recruit travellers to stay in their small hotel in the centre of the city. As we didn┤t even know how to get to the centre of the city we were quick to agree, especially when they told us the room was €15/night! Yesterday we checked out The Alhambra, an ancient (and huge) town-palace-fortress overlooking the city, and managed to catch some local performances of song and dance in a couple of Granada┤s public squares. Click on the "more" link to read the rest of this entry.

Today we did laundry (much more exciting in a foreign country - trust me!!), and bought our train tickets to Seville for tomorrow morning. We also toured the Muslim section of Granada, and a massive cathedral near our hotel. Since our last update we have spent time in Barcelona touring the biggest aquarium in Europe, learning more about Antoni Gaudi (see previous update), and we even caught the last half of the Monaco F1 race in an Irish pub!! We have realized that we are now approaching the halfway point of the trip (June 1st), but we are trying to look at that as a good thing - back to barbequed food, accessible laundry, and even 9-5! Of course, we miss all of you and are definitely looking forward to returning to Canada to see all of you again!

Off to a flamenco performance,

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Once again, great to get another update from you cats. Glad to hear you had a chance to visit the Alhambra, although I don't think they let you leave the city unless you do :-) I should have warned you about the audio guide that you can get for that place... it is borderline obnoxious by the end of the tour, it just about met its maker... but I found it a great place to have a picnic and allegedly it is really nice at sunset. K and I stayed at a shawdy little hostel at the bottom of the hill on the road that you take from the main strip, up to the Alhambra. Keep up your optimism and I hope your adventures treat you well!

Posted by Enrique Powell @ 05/29/2002 07:23 PM EST

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