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04/08/2002 Entry: "Welcome!"

Welcome to our travel website! Jennifer and I are very excited to be sharing our plans and experiences with you over the coming months. At this point we have our plane tickets from Toronto to London, London to Athens, and Dublin back to Toronto. We will be departing Canada on May 4 and returning from Ireland on June 28. View our route page for more detail.
On Saturday we bought our Hostelling International memberships, so the next step will be to book accomodation in Greece!

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Nathan I can't *believe* how much cooler you are than me. This website rocks and you better believe that I'll be watching for updates.

Posted by aaronv @ 04/16/2002 12:02 PM EST

Welcome to the comments section! Please feel free to leave comments on our posts. We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted by Nathan @ 04/09/2002 08:46 PM EST

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